Durofix & Wurth Co-Brand! – Durofix UK

Durofix & Wurth Co-Brand!

We are proud to announce Durofix & Wurth joining Forces for Power Tools Co-Brand Collaboration!

Harnessing the extreme power of our industrial 60V platform, Wurth will be leveraging this unrivaled power and endurance in stores from today!  

See our Compact Power G12 Series for cordless power tools that pack a serious punch with industry-leading torque. A comprehensive assortment of compact and lightweight power tools that make the perfect addition to any technician's tool bag.

Feel the power on our 20V P20 Series with our Lightweight high-powered tools engineered to strike the perfect balance to deliver precision and power.

Feel the difference on our industry-leading 60v Platform, designed for best-in-class run times due to the efficiency of the 60V components to complete up to 50% more fixings or fittings compared to a similar tool at the same capacity operating on 20v.

About Wurth Canada: Wurth Canada is a name synonymous with excellence in providing fasteners, tools, and supplies to professionals across the country. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is unparalleled.