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RL6040 - 60V Tripod Stand Area Worklight

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 Key features include:

* Experience a high-intensity 6,000 lumens ultra focus light beam that creates a bright and well-lit environment

* High Coloured Rendered Index enables correct colour reproduction

* Illuminate the entire area without any dark spots or shadows thanks to the 360° non-stop spread of soft light

* Benefit from up to 9 hours of continuous operation with a 2Ah battery, ensuring long-lasting illumination during extended use



* DC Input Voltage: 60V

* AC Input Voltage: 100-240 V / 50~60 Hz

* LED Brightness: 6000 Lumens

* IP Rating: IP54

* Max. DC Power Outlet Load: Max.3A / Max.180W

* Max. AC Power Outlet Load: Max.6A / Max.600W

* Dimming Range: 10% ~ 100%

* Tool Weight (w/o battery): 5.4 kg