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RV2054 - 20V Transducerized EPS Precision Pistol

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 Key features include:

* Incorporates a built-in transducer that is ideal for safety-critical applications with real-time torque feedback

* The Electronic Pulse System (EPS) is designed to reduce the reaction force

* Precise auto shut-off when it reaches the desired torque with LED and buzzer indicator of joint status for either good or not-good fixing

* OLED display for instant achieved torque, angle, batch count information

* Built-in 2-way wireless communication that can connect to a PLC unit or computer

* The brushless motor ensures the use of wear-free components, which reduces maintenance costs and extends the life cycle of the product



* Voltage: 20V

* Drive: 1/4” Hex Drive (RV2054-WR8) or 3/8” Square (RV2054-3-WR8) or 1/4” Hex Drive (RV2054-WR18) or 3/8” Square (RV2054-3-WR18 or RV2054-3-WR24)

* Torque Range: 1 - 8 Nm (RV2054-WR8 or RV2054-3-WR8) or 3 - 18 Nm (RV2054-WR18 or RV2054-3-WR18) or 6 - 24 Nm (RV2054-3-WR24)

* No Load Speed: 50 - 1,200 RPM (RV2054-WR8 or RV2054-3-WR8) or 50 - 800 RPM (RV2054-WR18 or RV2054-3-WR18) or 50 - 600 RPM (RV2054-3-WR24)

* Accuracy: Cmk (based on 6 σ) ≥ 1.67 at ±10%

* Length (w/o battery): 21.2 cm

* Noise Value: Sound Pressure Level (LpA) 69.2 dB(A) and Noise Uncertainty (K Factor) 3.0 dB(A)

*Vibration Value: Average Vibration Level (Ah) 1.35 m/s2 and Uncertainty Level (K Factor) 1.5 m/s2

* Tool Weight (w/o battery): 1.00 kg